Saturday, February 14, 2009


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People pee openly in the public places in urban areas. There is a requirement of more toilets, in spite of having some toilets provided by the Government. This is an effort to create awareness among the people and the responsible organisations / agencies in creating such facilities for both Women and Men.

In public places people urinate causing in convenience to others, polluting environment, lessening the value of a place and pride. This website is to create awareness on this issue. It was found that after every 100 meters along the main roads people find a place to urinate. The public conveniences created mostly on the footpaths are not used by many. The number of such public conveniences should be increased in number and mostly near these priority areas.

Bus stops
Cinema theaters
Bars / liquor shops
Tourist places

People use some other places like

Transformers / electric poles
Construction sites
Where there is no street light during the nights

Most common habit of the people is to “Polluting the Polluted Area” - Say ‘X’ person has started using a place for the first time then all others follow and think that they are not the first one and use the same place for the same purpose.

There is need for creating greater awareness among the citizens in this aspect and also take necessary steps to provide more public conveniences as per the actual requirement.

There are few toilets meant for women, the person at the toilet place for maintenance should be a woman for the convenience of women users.

GEO is a member of World Toilet Organisation (WTO), Singapur. This is an unique project, GEO requests the responsible citizens of Hyderabad to send the locations to complete this project.